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Movement Medicine Graz, Austria


Date: Tuesday 12th December

Times: 7pm - 9.30pm

Venue: Jugendzentrum Andritz, Prohaskagasse 21, Graz-Andritz

Cost: € 25,-  (€23,- for members of Verein JAGATI) or €22,- (€ 20,-) if registered 24 hrs before the event.

Contact and registration is or or via JAGATI homepage:

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Info in German

DI, 12.12.2017 - 19:00 - 21:30

Offener Abend | MV | MOVEMENT MEDICINE - Awaken the Dancer Evening | Ein Einführungsabend für MOVEMENT MEDICINE:  "Awakening the Dancer" (Erwecke die TänzerIn in dir) - Tanz und Ritual um dich zu deinem innersten Tanz hinzuführen.

Mit David Mooney


--> 25,- /23,- für Mitglieder des Vereins Jagati

--> 22,-/ 20,- bei Voranmeldung bis 24 Uhr des Vortags

--> jeweils 3,- weniger für Studierende/SchülerInnen/SeniorInnen

We would like to invite to you a Movement Medicine open evening class with David Mooney who will be offering his work in Croatia for the first time.

David is a qualified Movement Medicine Teacher and practicing psychotherapist who integrates these shills and his passion for shamanic pathways. He is also a faculty of School of Movement Medicine and he teaches in Ireland and throughout Europe.

He is deeply committed to the work of Movement Medicine, as a contemporary map to explore what it means to be alive in these times and how to transform patterns and wounds into opportunities for growth so we can give all that we can in this lifetime.

Movement Medicine is a creative, embodied meditation practice for our times. It is rooted in ancient and contemporary shamanic wisdom and modern understanding of how change happens. Its intention is to help you to access more of the physical and emotional intelligence that’s inside you through bringing awareness to the way you move, feel and think. Whatever your level of experience, age or condition, conscious movement practice is a force for creative expression and mindfulness in day to day life. Movement Medicine is an invitation for personal empowerment in the context of community.

As a Movement Medicine teacher David offers his unique expression of moving through the landscapes of dance with a strong sense of direction, kindness, awareness and a great sense of humor. His space holding breathes with tangible support that offers the dancer the space to connect with the resources both within themselves and within their life outside of dance space.

In this open evening session you will have the possibility to experience your dance within the holding of Movement Medicine Mesa.

During this dance you will learn about:

- the Awakening the Dancer and Tree of Life practices which resources us to feel more connected and free in our own embodied self.

- M.E.S.A practice which is a key Movement Medicine tool for living and relating. Through dance and movement to develop our capacity to be in relationship with whats within our own body, heart, mind (interception), to feel presence and aliveness in our own bodies (embodiment) and the space around us (being at the centre of your own circle) and coming into relationship and connection with others from this more grounded present and resourced place.

- Through dance we will explore the capacity of the archetypal elements to resource and inspire us.

The four elements are manifestations of the divine and we are made from them. Dancing them is a way to connect deeply to our deepest nature, to nature around us and to the nature of existence. Come home to the aliveness of your own ground, reclaim your fire, welcome the healing and releasing qualities of the waters, open to the liberation and life breath of the winds.

These Movement Medicine practices are practical, simple and useful resources for living a present, connected and passionate life in these times.

*** it is possible to drop-in only in case that the class is not full


--> 25,- /23,- for members of Vereins Jagati

--> 22,-/ 20,- for bookings 24 hours before event

--> €3 cheaper in every case for Elders and Students


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