Our Privacy Policy

Why do I collect your personal data?
To keep you updated on my work of Movement Medicine, Embodiment and The Funky Seomra alcohol free dance events. 

How do I collect your personal data?
Mainly face to face with e-mail lists from the events you participated in but also through the signup form on my website and expressed requests to join the email list.

I don't ever share your personal data with third parties
I am a sole trader so it is literally only me and my team who sees your e-mail address.

I will protect your personal data
Your personal data is securely stored on databases hosted by data protection compliant service providers.

Your rights in relation to your personal data
You have a right to a copy of your personal data and a right to have your personal data deleted. You can e mail me at  if you would like either.

Privacy Notice
The data you provide to me will be stored securely and will be used only by me to e mail you directly about my work. If I ever become a business and this changes I will contact you to let you know. You can opt out of receiving emails from me by clicking the ‘Unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of our emails or by e-mailing me at info@embodiment.ie