Embodiment was featured in a RTE 1 Documentary 'Merlot and Me' about healthy living in 2014. Movement Medicine was reviewed and recommended as an alternative way to de-stress, relax and keep physically healthy. It was also recommended as a practice of mindfulness.

Embodiment Movement Medicine featured in an article on healthy living in the Irish Times Magazine in March 2013 along with a two page feature on The Funky Seomra, an alcohol and drug free nightclub, which was created David Mooney. This conscious dance practice was covered as a new way to keep healthy in mind, body and spirit and highly recommended in the article.  

participant feedback and experiences of embodiment movement medicine 

I’m so grateful for the space that you create David, I can’t express well enough the feeling of being absolutely privileged to be able to journeying freely and knowing that I’m safe and well looked after.
— Lucia Bonnazeli
Embodiment Tribe is the place where prayer, for the first time, started to make sense for me.
— Annmarie Brophy, psychotherapist and mother
Dancing at Embodiment every week is entering a sacred and safe space and letting my body express whatever it needs to. It is an emotional and physical release and it allows me to shift and transform while at the same time feeling freer and freer! I just love it love it love it! David is the magician creating and holding that space and I’m ever so grateful!
— Laurence Van Der Haegen
Movement medicine is the Shamanism for 21st Century urban humans to encourage us to re-engage with our heritage, our ancestors and our Mother Earth. Beautiful. Thanks David
— Gerry McGreogor
Deep heartfelt gratitude David for creating a beautiful, safe space which allows me to travel on my dancing path, connecting deeper with my souls wisdom
— Susanna Furlong
“David’s ability to enter into a dance is something I have always found truly inspiring. It draws me into a safe space which allows me to experience movement and dance in a manner which I had never known before”
— Mick McHugh
David sets up a clean loving environment, both physically and spiritually, where you can dance your past troubles away while bringing the Now into your body and let it do it’s thing on you.
— Sami Moukaddem, Musician and Dad
David you create a beautiful, open and safe space in what you do. Struggling to be in our bodies, to know who we are, what we need, is changed in the dancing. There’s healing in movement, thank you for what you do !”
— Jackie Gormley
David is passionate, spiritual and inspiring, imparting all his positivity on those present, he transforms a dance into, connection, creative self expression and in his presence you feel a great sense of joy and love, it’s a wonderful experience to take part in.
— Michelle Kidd
David facilitates with warm energy and great enthusiasm a space in which I feel free to be who I am and to move the way I feel. I love the presence and acceptance that I find in the practice, and the fact that it is a new experience each time. I find it exhilarating. I also love the fact that David plays music from all over the world that I never hear anywhere else.
— Hubert Servingant
Dance Embodiment is a place where I come to be myself. I can let go of my worries, fears and thoughts. I can find the real me…and have great fun.
— Phil Gormley