Embodiment Tribe

An evening of dance, prayer, movement meditation, connection, simple ritual and community.

Tribe is the place where prayer, for the first time, started to make sense for me.
— Annmarie Brophy, psychotherapist and mother
Of all the spiritual practices I have done over many years, Embodiment Tribe is by far my favourite place to be. Movement medicine is the Shamanism for 21st Century urban humans to encourage us to re-engage with our heritage, our ancestors and our Mother Earth.
— Gerry McGregor

Embodiment Tribe is a monthly Sunday evening Movement Medicine dance space to connect with the elements of life through the gateway of ecstatic dance and movement meditation practice. The four elements are manifestations of the divine and we are made from them. Dancing them is a way to connect deeply to our deepest nature, to nature around us and to the nature of existence. The elements and their guardians are guides, teachers and allies. We dance the elements as support and gateways into sacred space and with the support of the archetypal elements we co-create prayer space for dreaming and healing. We include an alter representing each element in the four directions.

You are welcome to bring your own personal representations of the elements for the alters if you wish.

We connect with these elements within and around us to tune into the innate intelligence of nature, exploring our relationship with the qualities of each element and call on the medicine of these allies so we can cultivate a deeper understanding of ourselves and our place in the wider circle of life. Through the aliveness of our own dance and connection with the elements we also take the opportunity to offer our gratitude and prayers to all life.

There are 4 simple alter spaces in the four directions which represent each of the elements. You are welcome to bring along your own personal representations of any or all of the elements and place them on the alters for our journey together.

Deep heartfelt gratitude David for creating a beautiful, safe space which allows me to travel on my dancing path, connecting deeper with my souls wisdom, exploring my inner 4 directions and finding strength and courage within to pursue my hearts calling and sharing all the laughter, wildness, tears and roars with my beautiful fellow dancers
— Susana Furlong