What is this MOVEMENT MEDICINE practice about ? 


The foundations of the practice are based on straightforward, simple principles:

  •  If you can move you can dance, in other words there is no wrong way to dance and everyone can dance.
  • This body, heart and mind have been evolving for billions of years, there is an inherent wisdom and intelligence within you that is available to you and you can access in the dance practice. 
  • There is a deep freedom within each of us beyond any ideas of limitations, circumstances or history which can be accessed when we awaken the dancer within each of us.
  • Conscious movement and dance can be a potent force of change.
  • The body stores wisdom and intelligence which become available to us in the dance for healing, growth, connection and liberation.
  • Everyone has their own unique, authentic dance.
  • Movement and dance can be a deep form of meditation.
  • Energy follows attention and intention.
  • Everyone has the potential for healing, integration and wholeness.

There are a number of ways you can engage in Movement Medicine Dance practice: